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x If you enjoy the Fruit x

Pluck not the Flower

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. Name .

. Age .

. Sex .

. Hair .
Salmon pink

. Eyes .
Deep blue

. Hometown .
Twilight Town

. Current location .
Hollow Bastion // Radiant Garden

. Alliance .

. History.

Marluxia had spend his whole childhood living in an orphanage in Twilight Town. The orphanage placed in quite an remote location in the back of the town.
How he had came to be there, he didn't remember nor if he ever even had real parents though Marluxia never seemed to care.
As a child he had quite an rebellious nature though around his teens that seemed to die down a bit.
He'd always had an unexplainable love for flowers and the obsession never seemed to die out any time soon.

In one of his rebellious acts Marluxia had ventured into the town, which was forbidden at that time without an instructor. Once inside the town he had ran into a few bullies and driven into a corner to expect a beating because of his 'girly hair'. Being outnumbered and having no place to escape to Marluxia just lashed out in blind panic, doing more damage than he expected as he was suddenly holding a pink scythe. Where it came from he didn't know but at that time his only concern was to escape - which he did as the main bully was rolling around in pain while clutching his knee as it was sporting quite a nice gash.

Ever since then the scythe had been with him and he never questioned as to where it had come from, it didn't matter as long as it was there.
After losing the scythe once, he discovered he could conjure it up at will and make it disappear whenever he wanted. He also started discovering other powers which mainly involved flowers. He kept his abilities hidden from others, thinking he was more special than common people.

But even so, Marluxia grew up as a calm young man if not tired of his normal life and boring routines. With the thought in mind that he deserved something better, he left the orphanage with nothing but a simple note saying 'Thank You' and hid away on a train only to find himself somewhere new - Hollow Bastion.

{ Marluxia @ kh_rebirth }